Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Busy Year

I can not believe how long it has been since I have posted. There has been so much going on. Right now we are trying to paint and plaster two different rooms in our house. This is while we both work more than 40 hours a week. I love it though. We have been having so much fun and loving life.

We had a great Easter and Ryan was so thoughtful and got me a cute basket full of goodies and a movie and scrapbook stuff. He is so cute! I just love him. I got him a massage that he just barely used yesterday. It took him forever to take the time to get it!

Of course, Ryan can't take a normal picture. I guess that tells you I take too many pics.

A few weeks later we decided to go on a road trip. We would just drive until we were done driving. We made it to Boise and thought we would go further the next day, but we were pleasantly surprised with Boise and decided to stay there. It was quite relaxing and then on the way back we went and took pictures of both the Boise and Twin Falls Temples. That was so fun to go see them and take pictures. We came home on a Sunday so we did not get to go in at all, but it was fun to see them and be on the temple grounds.

The next adventure we did was volunteer at the Ironman in St. George. It was such an awesome experience. It was really hard because we stood in the same spot for about 8 hours and it was hot and we got fried by the sun. However, watching those people cross the finish line after they had been going for 14 hours or more was incredible. They had just swam over 2 miles, biked 112 miles, and then ran a marathon. Absolutely amazing. My mom, Ryan, and I were "Pointers" for the bikers. We would show them were they needed to go next. My dad worked in the medical tent at the finish line. Then on Sunday we started home, but on the way home we went to the St. George Temple to take more pictures and just go be by the temple.

Our official title was "Pointer"
We are very tired
I have no idea why Ryan was looking at me that way. He looks so mean, even though he isn't. I look really tired though. We were so sunburned.
Another picture with Ryan being goofy!
My cute parents!
I love this picture with the flag.

Mothers Day was really good. I have such an awesome mother! She is always there for me and has always been supportive of all my hopes and dreams. I love her so much and am so blessed to have her as a mother. Ryan's mom passed away over 5 years ago and we miss her so much every day. She was such an amazing woman. She was so strong and full of courage during all her hard times. She was so thoughful and caring towards others. I am also grateful for my grandma's and Ryan's grandma. They are so awesome and they are supportive of Ryan and me in everything we do. I love them all.

My momma and me
My mom's mom
My dad's mom

My dad's side of the family participated in the Ogden Marathon again. We had 10 people do the 5k (that included me, it was my first 5k). We had 18 people run the half marathon and Ryan was one of those. He did so good. I was so proud of him. He barely trained because his work was killing him the weeks before the marathon, but he did really well. Then my dad and two uncles ran the full marathon. It was a lot of fun and I was impressed by how well everyone did. I really wanted to get more pictures of Ryan before I posted, but that has not happened yet. There are a lot better ones out there. Here is what we have so far.

My cousin and I running in

Ryan running in
Ryan again
My dad running in
Trying to stay busy

My uncles running in. Also marathon runners

Dad and brother. We have a family one, but I don't have that one yet either. I am slacking.

On June 3rd Michelle had her baby and he is so precious. I went up to Idaho to see him on the 6th and had so much fun holding him and just watching him. Michelle and Kerry are such cute parents and little William is in good hands with them.

Ryan's great grandpa died the next weekend and it was really sad to watch him go. He was such a fun spirited man and we will miss him terribly. This brought all of Ryan's family to town and it was a very busy week and weekend. We celebrated Dominic's birthday while Joe was here and had a dinner and cake and ice cream. It was a lot of fun.

I look HORRIBLE in this picture, but I like it with us and the birthday boy!

Father's day was the next weekend. I have such an awesome dad and I love him so much. He is a great example to me and I am so blessed to have someone always there to talk to if I need to talk. We had to just sent Ryan's dad a gift in the mail since we had just seen him the weekend before and we got to see him then. I also have great grandpas! They are such awesome men and I look up to all of them. Again, I am grateful for the great examples they are to me of how a good person should be.

Ryan and me with my dad. Ryan looks really good here (I think).

Mom's dad
Dad's dad
I had to put both on there, because Joey looked better in one and Ryan looked better in the other.

On June 26th my uncle got married in California. So I took a road trip with my mom, grandma, and cousin. It was a lot of fun, but very tiring and it was a lot of driving in a short amount of time. The wedding was wonderful and Walneda's (my uncle's wife) family are the nicest people EVER! I have never met total strangers that were so loving and open people. It was a lot of fun to met them.

So cute. We have a family one too, but I do not have it yet.

We visited the temple while we were there too.

Lastly, Ryan had a birthday on the 12th! I love him so much. He makes me so happy and I am so happy I get to be his wife. This year I got him a camera. He was so excited. He has wanted one for so long. I love giving him surprises!

Happy Birthday Ryan! I love you so much!

I am going to try and be better at posting. I am horrible. I just need to stay on top of it!


Katie and Rob said...

Wow! You guys have been busy! Looks like you are like me and play catch up on the blog :) So cool that you guys made it up to Boise. We live about 15 mins outside of Boise...too bad we didn't get together! I hope you liked it! We really like it up here. Post pictures of your house improvements when they are done!!!

Chelsie said...

holy cow, i'm tired just reading this post. you have been one busy girl! so many road trips. i think it's so fun you guys just got in the car and drove...what a fun idea!